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13’s Rev 100 Spokes Chrome Lowrider Wire Wheel Rims


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Includes 4- 13×7 All Chrome Lowrider Wire Wheel Rim revers 100 spokes, Adapter, knock offs and1 lead hammer * No returns on Rims* Chips now not included *Item on back order, might take as much as three weeks to arrive. *** Once received we advise taking your Lowrider Wire Wheels to somebody who has revel in coping with them to mount your tires. Leaking as a result of bar damaging silicone seal when mounting tires isn’t covered in any of the policies because of damage as a result of second or third parties. ***


Complete Set! / 13×7 Reverse All Chrome / 100 Straight Lace Spokes

• Adapters (Your Bolt Pattern)

• 4 Knock Offs (2 Bar Smooth )

• Emblems Not Included

• Hammer Tool Included


This product requires experienced tire techs for mounting.

Returns are not accepted on this product.

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